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Bridal Hair.

Trial Up style: €30

Dry Up style: €45

Wet Up style: €65

Group discounts available.

Which hairstyle suits which dress type?

When should brides start thinking of their wedding hair?

As soon as they know the day and have the dress, its a good time to put the hair plan into place. Hair wont be in its best condition after just one visit to the salon so plan with your stylist, concentrating on hair condition,color and style. The earlier you start the more time you have to play and be creative. Your look will be more individual in the end

What's the most important thing to consider when deciding on wedding day hair style?

First off , try not to over think it. Work toward the period of the dress, ie vintage, classical, boho ect. Overall the hair must reflect the mood of the dress and depending on the neckline, shape and fabric this will dictate certain hairstyles over others. Generally If the neck line is high, hair tends to go up , and down for low neckline, but always go with what works for your. Its your wedding day , your hairstyle is not to change who you are.

Why is a hair trial so important? 

The hair trial is hugely important so you can rule out what doesn't work. On trial days , don't be afraid to bring in pictures from magazines or other up styles you may have had, this will help you and the stylist to determine what works best. Play about with 3 or 4 looks , photograph it and see what works. pair the look back to your favorite. 

TIP: treat your hair the same on the day of the wedding as you did at the trial, its important not to change any products , i.e. shampoo , conditioner, or your hair might behave differently to the wedding day.

What advice would you give to DIY brides?

Make a hair plan early on. The key ingredient  to a beautiful hair style is to have healthy radiant hair on the day. Invest in professional hair products  or a conditioning treatment at your local salon. Practice you chosen look a few time on the run up to the wedding so even if your under pressure on the day it will be almost automatic to you and most importantly stick to the plan!  Don't go changing anything on the day as you wont have a professional at the rescue. keeping it simple is often the best look whether going the professional or DIY road.

( Lux by Wella is rich in repairing keratin, its ultra conditioning and very affordable for a professional range)

It's the day of the wedding – what products go in the emergency kit?

Always have a kit with extra hair clips , Bobby Pins, comb , fold up hair brush and very handy is a mini hairspray. or travel size of dry shampoo hair spray like Drynamic from Sebastian is ideal.

 Should bridesmaids all have the same style?

Generally no , every brides maid is different and should play to her strengths , also you run the risk of  the overall look being repetitive.

Meet Karen & Susan, our A team when it comes to bridal hair. Getting the hair right for the wedding day can be a challenge . See our advice below to help you through.

Traditional gown: This hairstyle is very done and very classic. Think curly french rolls, brushed out roller sets and pinned in an organised manner, this look has a certain romantic feel.

 Women's tux: Hair is best worn slick with a low side parting and with a high gloss finish or alternatively for a softer look slick one side and wave the other for a fun juxtaposition.

Beachy boho: Go for a combination of raw surf like texture , braided and pinned randomly to create a lived in beach feel,  finish with a floral head band. Think Coachella meets ibiza, casual and free spirited.

 Vintage: Vintage spans a lot of decades, so keep it with the dress period, go with Pin Curls, Faux Bob and Gwen Stephan french twist! any thing from Marilyn Monroe to Paloma Faith works .

 Urban chic: Think highly polished Chignon rope twisted bun. Power blow drys with colors that reflects a chalky pastel color pallet. A strong influence here is the soft look of Instagram filters ie soft, diffused and beautiful otherworldly tones.