Flirty Shades of grey

Turning grey: People can grey at any stage from their 20s onwards, but generally it comes down to genetics and lifestyle. Greying is a natural process when the pigment producing cells in the hair follicle become less active and over time eventually die. Smoking, poor diet and stress can accelerate this process.

Introducing greys: To ease greys into your colouring process start with changing from permanent to oxidised semi-permanent colour. This will allow for more of a peek-a-boo greying effect.

Colour options: It’s important to consider the base tone of the colour. COLOR by Wella Professionals ‘Lumina’ range has a cool grey tone in its formulation and is very suited to working with grey hair.

Hair length: Personally I don’t think it matters, once the hair is in perfect condition. Grey hair, long in particular, needs to be in immaculate shape because it has few natural pigments left. This can allow lime type minerals to show up on the hair giving it a greenish hue.

Upkeep:   Grey hair needs a weekly deep cleanse shampoo with a product like Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Shampoo and Wella SP Silver Shampoo, to replenish moisture and add shine. Play with water-based toners: they give extra fun and sparkle to grey hair. For pale Celtic complexions think ice pink hues and for more sallow skin a little peach blush. Always consult a professional.

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