The John Geaney “Rewards card” is our way of saying thanks to customers who come back to us again and again.

2% of your service bill will automatically go on your card after your service. Rewards are redeemable in €5 increments . Use them the next time your in the salon or you can let them built up, what ever you want to do.

If you have not received a reward card please ask about it in the salon on your next visit.

Terms and conditions

How to earn Points?

In our current promotion you receive 100 points for every €1 you spend on services* in the salon,  this works out at 5% of your service bill that you get to spend again on your next visit !

How do I redeem my Points ?

When checking out at reception you will have the option of using your points from your previous visits to reduce your bill.

Redeem €1 for every 2000 Points .

Save up your rewards or spend them as you go, its up to you how to use them

Are there any restrictions ?

Restrictions are as follows..

  1. 1)Accumulated points can only be used to cover a maximum of 50% of the service bill per visit.

  2. 2)Points can only be applied to service.  Retail Products and  gift cards are not covered.

Do my points Expire?


Can I redeem my points at any time?


  1. *Your statutory right are not effected by this promotion. John Geaney reserves the right to change any of the terms and conditions without notice.

* Cuts by John are currently not part of this promotion.